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Bland dog food 'important after sickness'

Bland dog food 'important after sickness'

It is important that dogs are given bland food after a period of sickness, according to one expert.

Dog owners have been advised how to care for their pets if they are suffering from a bout of sickness.

Writing for the Morpeth Journal Live, Robson and Prescott Vets' Karmen Watson described how starving a canine for 24 hours is a good way to treat vomiting.

She explained how pooches can happily go without dog food for 48 hours and this will give their digestive system a much-needed break.

When reintroducing food, individuals were advised to only supply their pets with a bland menu such as plain boiled chicken, white fish or scrambled egg with rice.

In order for a vet to work out what has caused the sickness, people were encouraged to keep a detailed diary of how frequent their pooch is ill and the symptoms experienced.

In a previous post for the news source, Ms Watson recently discussed how chocolate is dangerous for dogs and can lead to poisoning.

Posted by Adam John
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Thursday, 16 Jun 2011, 2:58pm

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