Acana Cobb Chicken & Greens Dog Food

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  • Cobb Chicken & Greens Dog Food 11.4kg
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Product Information

Acana Cobb Chicken & Greens is suitable for all breed types and life stages. (Formally called Acana Chicken Burbank Potato Dog Food) This fantastic food is brimming with fresh free-run chicken and eggs from prairie farms. The fresh greens in the food are sourced from British Columbia's Fraser Valley.

Acana Cobb Chicken & Greens is loaded with 60% meat, including cage-free, Wild caught flounder and whole nest-laid eggs sourced from regional farms deemed fit for human consumption.

The meat content in the Acana food provides a strong source of meat protein which is essential to your dog's daily intake.

As the food is suitable for all breeds and life stages, this food would be ideal for a multi dog family to serve high quality dog food at fantastic prices.


Fresh Chicken Meat 11%, Chicken meal 10%, Turkey Meal 10%, Red Lentils, Whole Green Peas 9%, Field Beans 8%, Fresh Chicken Giblets (Liver, Heart, Kidney) 6%, Herring Meal 5%, Chicken Fat 5%, Green Lentils 5%, Whole Yellow Peas 4%, Fresh Whole Eggs 4%, Fresh Whole Flounder 4%, Herring Oil 3%, Sun-cured Alfalfa 3%, Pea Fibre, Fresh Chicken Cartilage 2%, Dried Brown Kelp, Fresh Whole Pumpkin, Fresh Whole Butternut Squash, Fresh Whole Parsnips, Fresh Kale, Fresh Spinach, Fresh Mustard Greens, Fresh Turnip Greens, Fresh Whole Carrots, Fresh Red Delicious Apples, Fresh Bartlett Pears, Freeze-dried Chicken Liver, Freeze-dried Turkey Liver, Fresh Whole Cranberries, Fresh Whole Blueberries, Chicory Root, Turmeric, Milk Thistle, Burdock Root, Lavender, Marshmallow Root, Rose Hips.

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