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  • Tap water conditioner treatment
  • Removes chlorine and breaks down the chloramine bond
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What is API Tap Water Conditioner?

API Tap Water Conditioner treatment is an effective water conditioner that removes chlorine, detoxifies heavy metals and neutralises chloramines in tap water instantly. Like all API aquarium treatment supplies, this conditioner has been scientifically tested to ensure that fish remain healthy, in this case by removing substances that can be extremely toxic to fish and cause serious problems such as damaging delicate fish tissue.

API Tap Water Conditioner is ideal for when setting up a new aquarium or adding tap water to an existing aquarium and is safe for all aquatic life including freshwater, salt-water and tropical community fish.

What is the correct dosage of API Tap Water Conditioner?

When adding API Tap Water Conditioner to your aquarium water, you should add 1ml for every 90 litres (20 Gallons) or one drop per 3.8 litres (0.8 Gallons). When used in these quantities, API Tap Water Conditioner helps to cure fish diseases, promote healthy bacterial growth and protect fish gill tissue.

Does API Tap Water Conditioner Work?

Whether used to treat a freshwater, tropical or reef aquarium, API Tap Water Conditioner has been rigorously tested to purify tap water instantly. This tap water conditioner treatment acts on a chemical level and will always eliminate harmful chlorine, chloramines and other substances as well as detoxify heavy metals, creating the ideal conditions for fish.



Brand API
Dosage One drop per 3.8 litres


Product SKU Size
Tap Water Conditioner 118ml API52B 118ml
Tap Water Conditioner 473ml API52C 473ml
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