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  • Magnetic cleaning brush for all aquariums
  • Non-floating design, so will drop if connection is broken
  • Available in a range of sizes to suit all aquariums
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The Magnet Cleaner features a strong magnetic hold with algae pads on each side, to clean your glass as as you move it across the surface. Available in small, medium and large, these are a non-floating cleaner, so will just drop to the gravel inside if the magnetic connection is broken.

These can be used on coldwater, tropical and marine aquariums, and provide you with a way to quickly and conveniently clean your aquarium glass. The handle features a non-slip grip area for improved action, so you can keep your tank looking its' best without even getting your hands wet!

  • Small - glass up to 5mm
  • Medium - glass up to 8mm
  • Large - glass up to 12mm
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