Arcadia D3 Reptile T5 Lamp 6% UVB

Reptile UV T5 bulbs that offer a brighter UV output

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  • 6% UV lights simulate the ultraviolet light from the sun
  • Provides vitamin D3
  • Perfect for rainforest species
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What is an Arcadia D3 Reptile T5 Lamp?

The Arcadia D3 Reptile T5 Lamp range is made up of a series of T5 bulbs that help produce excellent natural colours in forest species with a higher UV output compared to traditional T8 lamps. Thanks to flicker-free fluorescent tube technology these bulbs are far more efficient at producing both visible light and UVB than older models of fluorescent tubes. With a 6% UV output, this reptile lamp is perfect for rainforest reptiles such as chameleons, Water dragons and Crested geckos.

Why should I buy an Arcadia D3 Reptile T5 Lamp?

T5 tubes are the update from the older T8 fluorescent strip lights, using less energy than older models but giving you a brighter more intense UV light for your reptile to benefit from equivalent length bulbs. These 6% UV lights simulate the ultraviolet light from the sun, filtered by the rainforest canopy, giving your reptile a dose more accurately resembling what they would receive in the wild.

Why do reptiles need D3 lighting?

These Arcadia T5 D3 Reptile lamps help your reptile generate vitamin D3 when they bask under it, allowing them to absorb the calcium in their diet and use it to build strong skeletons. This is an extremely important part of reptile keeping and reptile setups, without D3 UV and calcium, your reptile can develop problems like Metabolic Bone Disease.



Brand Arcadia
Diameter T5 Ø16mm
Kelvin 7000K


Product Length Lumens kWh/1000h
D3 Reptile T5 Lamp 24w 22" / 550mm 850lm 26
D3 Reptile T5 Lamp 39w 34" / 850mm 1600lm 44
D3 Reptile T5 Lamp 54w 46" / 1150mm 2400lm 60
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