BarkBites Bad Breath Busters

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BarkBites Bad Breath Busters are an ideal natural treat that are perfect for spoiling your dog, whilst maintaining great nutrition and keeping their teeth in tip top condition at the same time!


  • Bad Breath Busters 100g
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These greats are rich in Salmon, with the addition of Mint and Parsley too, combined to work perfectly to improve your pooches breath. As with all BarkBites, these are hand baked to perfection and are all wheat, sugar, soya and corn free. You can be happy in the knowledge that the fish is not processed or rendered, and is as fresh as can be. Its high protein content, with low fat, makes them great for dogs that might be watching their weight too!

These are ideal for sensitive dogs, a great way to show your affection whilst maintaining great nutrition for your pet, as they are all 100% human grade quality ingredients, with no artificial flavours or colours, or any preservatives either. There is plenty of rich Omega 3, which will also help skin and coats, but also adds an anti-inflammatory factor too, ideal for sore joints.

The added cellulose aids with teeth cleaning, so your dogs nashers will be fresh as a daisy too, with the mint and parsley really helping to keep bad breath at bay.

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