BarkBites Coconut Crunchy Cones

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BarkBites Coconut Crunchy Cones are a great healthy natural treat that helps bring the shine out of your dogs coat and keeps the skin healthy.


  • Coconut Crunchy Cones 100g
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Product Information

Hand baked Coconut cones help promote healthy, gorgeous coat and skin for your dog. The cones have grade A lamb included which has benefits for skin and coat health. Lamb is a great protein source and only the best human grade meat is used to bake these delicious treats. Coconut Cones also include potato flakes for slow release energy as well as potassium for healthy nerves and muscles, and vitamin C for immune system health.

Along with the nutritious Lamb the cones also include Coconut which is the star ingredient in these treats, and is as natural as you can get. Coconut contains medium chain saturated fats which help with joints and support digestion.


Rice Flour
Fresh Lamb - 14%
Potato Flakes
Coconut Flour - 5%
Yeast - 1.8%
Aloe Vera Dried - 0.6%
Nutritional Yeast

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