BarkBites Sweet Dream Delights

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BarkBites Sweet Dreams Delights are the perfect night time dog treat that can help calm your dog and reach the land of nod a lot quicker.


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Product Information

BarkBites Sweet Dreams dog treats are just the thing for helping your dog get a good rest after a long walk or day of heavy exercise. These high quality, hand baked dog treats can work wonders helping to promote a good night's sleep.

One of the few dog treats on the market with no meat content these Sweet Dreams are to be used to supplement your dog's otherwise meaty diet, but give their tummies a respite from having to digest tough proteins as they drift off to sleep.

Tasty fresh apple helps to boost their immune system overnight with a dose of Vitamin A to help them fend off the day's wear and tear, and tastes great too! The additions of natural honey and ginger add to this effect, calming the nerves and the digestive system so they stomach is settled for a good rest, and shouldn't disturb your dog while they are 'counting sheep'.

We added a little chamomile and lavender to this recipe too, further calming the nerves and putting your dog in the mood for natural, peaceful sleep.


Rice Flour
Potato Flour
Fresh Apple
Nutritional Yeast

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