Barking Heads Bad Hair Day Lamb Adult Dog Food

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Product Information

Quick quiz - which dog is healthiest? Is it the dog with a shiny, lustrous coat, bright alert eyes and a waggy tail or the dog with a dull coat, dandruff and a sad look on its face?

You guessed right! Bad Hair Day is a complete dog food made with 50% lamb. It tastes delicious, can make coats shiny and skin healthy and gives your pooch that certain 'Saturday night, best clothes, feeling confident PIZAZZ!' You know, like we do sometimes. Though we spend thousands to look good, your dog just eats Bad Hair Day!

Bad Hair Dayis delicious and nutritious and is 50% lamb. Not lamb by-products, but actual lamb. It's an excellent source of protein which goes hand-in-hand with a lovely shiny coat and healthy skin and it helps to look after your dog's hips and joints. All that's in the bag is deliciously nutritious ingredients and lots of them!

  • Wheat and Barley Free - helps to prevent allergies (and associated scratching)
  • Skin and Coat Care - optimal levels of Omega 3 and 6 to prevent itching and excess shedding
  • Hip and Joint Care - Glucosamine and Chondroitin nourishes and repairs cartilage in joints
  • Delicious - say no more! Your dog will show you what we mean!


Composition* Freshly Prepared Deboned Lamb 26%, Dried Lamb 20%, Brown Rice, Oats, White Rice, Lucerne, Freshly Prepared Deboned Trout 5%, Peas, Lamb Fat 4%, Salmon Oil 2%, Lamb Stock 1.5%, Seaweed, Dried Tomato, Hip & Joint Care (Glucosamine 350mg/kg, MSM 350mg/kg, Chondroitin 240mg/kg)

Analytical Constituents Crude Protein 23%, Fat Content 17%, Crude Fibre 3%, Inorganic Matter 9%, Moisture 8%, Omega-6 (2.9%), Omega-3 (2.2%)

Latest Customer Reviews

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    Date 30/06/2016 07:06am
    Barking Heads Bad Hair Day Lamb Adult Dog Food 12kg
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    Excelent hypoallengenic dog food. I initially bought barking heads fusspot for my 11 year old bullmastiff as he had numerous allergies. This food stopped his constant vomiting and his itchy skin cleared up to the point he no longer needed medication for that particular aliment. I now feed barking heads bad hair day to my frenchie and more recently barking heads puppy days to my mini shcnauzer puppy. Both are thriving on this food. This is a good quaility food with good quiality named ingredients. Highly recommended - yes it's a little expensive however when it comes to dog food you really do get what you pay for.
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    Date 02/03/2015 19:03pm
    Barking Heads Bad Hair Day Lamb Adult Dog Food 12kg
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    Fantastic quality grade 4 food *****.