Beaphar Hairball Paste 2 in 1 Hairball Remedy

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  • Hairball Paste 2 in 1 Hairball Remedy 100g
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Product Information

Prevent hairballs with Beaphar Hairball Paste 2 in 1. This anti hairball remedy combines 2 actions in 1 tube to give your cat and your home effective relief from hairballs.

The first action helps prevent the formation of hairballs within your cat, while the second action smoothens the digestive process, meaning that cat hair ingested during natural grooming slips through the intestines more easily, avoiding nasty builds up that can cause your cat discomfort and digestive problems.

Packed in a manner so you can see just what your cat is getting, the Darkest Brown stripe of paste contains higher levels of malt, an active part of helping the prevention of hairballs within your cat.

The Light Brown stripe of paste is made up of BIO-MOS, which helps maintain intestinal flora essential to improving your cats digestive process and optimising their immune system to help fight off bad-bacteria.

Hairballs are unpleasant for all concerned, both cat and owner. Reduce their build up by buying Beaphar 100g 2in1 Hairball Paste from Swell Pets and enjoy a great saving as well as the swift delivery options available.

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