Animals with jobs – A trend for the future?

We all love our furry companions and wish we didn’t have to leave them at home in the mornings, watching their sad little faces looking out at us as we walk out of the door can be heart breaking. Well apparently there is a new trend emerging, in which companies from museums to sports teams are hiring cats and dogs to come and work for them. If the trend continues then going all day without seeing a cat or dog may be a thing of the past!

Take Maray, the newest employee at the Seprukhov Museum of Art and History in Russia. They had a feline friend visit regularly, and in order to get a bit of press, on April Fool’s day they offered the little guy a “job”. However, they weren’t anticipating the huge level of public interest that this would generate and soon had masses of people insisting that they did, in fact, hire him. So what else to do but hire little Maray. He sits, poses, sleeps and importantly draws people into the museum. Better yet, he gets paid in caviar. Russian caviar in fact, well it doesn’t get much better than that for a little ginger tom cat!

Maray is taking his new role seriously though it seems, He’s always there at 9am, waiting at the door with the other employees. He interacts with visitors, draws them towards the entrance and spends the majority of his day meeting and greeting (meowing). He heads home come 5pm, ready to start again tomorrow. I think he puts us all to shame to be honest.

Daisy however, an abandoned puppy found at the Savannah Bananas Baseball stadium in Georgia US, is still learning the ropes of her job. Found at around seven weeks old, crying and alone, Daisy has been adopted by the team and given the job title “Bat-Dog”.

Still in training, seeing as she eats more balls than she saves, Daisy will be trained up to retrieve balls and bats from around the ground. She is an obvious choice for meet and greets too, with lovable puppy eyes and a playful personality. She’s also in the best position for promoting to “Consolation-Dog”, should the Savannah Bananas season not go too well.

Closer to home, a London based restaurant has decided to hire dogs, Alsatians to be exact, in order to deliver beer around the restaurant in specially designed harnesses. They will be tasked with bringing cold beer right into the hands of customers and though still in training, these dogs should soon be serving cheese and bread too, as long as they don’t eat it all on the way to the table! The project has been designed and funded by Kronenbourg and who knows, it could be the catalyst for further service positions for pooches in the UK in the future.

Taking things a step further, Cat Cafes have now become commonplace in many cities across the UK. Here food is rarely served and the Cafes serve as more of a sanctuary for cat lovers. No doubt the aforementioned pooch pub has the potential to become just as popular!

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