App created to detect early stages of illness in dogs

A new app has been created to track the health of pets to indicate illness in its early stages.

The app, Whistle, records your dog’s movements and flags up any unusual behaviour which could indicate illness.

Heartbroken pet owner, Ben Jacobs, set up the app after his beloved dog, Bear, died at the age of five.

“It is one of those things that as a dog owner, it really stays with you.” he said.

Ben also puts his creation down to the fact that four in ten UK households have a dog and treat their pets as part of the family.

“They are such part of the family, and yet we don’t have the information to take good care of them. So my goal was to help people with dogs like Bear try to understand their day-to-day patterns of health, and maybe some long-term trends as well.”

A small activity tracker containing an accelerometer is attached to the animal’s collar and transmits the data to the company’s servers over wi-fi.

Details can also be sent to your vet to properly analyse the changes.

The app not only tells you what your pet has been up to while analysing their activity, it also acts as a mini social network – you can share photos on a timeline and comment on the profiles of friends and other members.

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