Which is The Best Dog Food For My Pet?

Taking your dog for walkies, teaching them to do their business outside and showering them with affection are all part of the job description – but when it comes to feeding man’s best friend it’s a common mistake to think that one dog food offers the same levels of nutrition as the other.

Why are there so many types of dog food?

One reason why there is such a great variety of great quality dog food is because there are such a variety of dog breeds. For this reason breed specific dog food has become very popular among careful owners. For example the Royal Canin Yorkshire Terrier Dog Food has been specifically designed for the nutritional need of Yorkies, with ingredients that cater for the habit of fussy eating, a common problem in this breed.

Which is the best dog food for fussy eaters?

Getting your dog to do the supposedly simple act of eating can be a big problem for some pet owners. A good tip used by dog breeders is to set down strict meal times for your pets, rather than topping up their food bowl when it seems to be getting low. Only allow the dog access to the dog food for a set amount of time before taking it away, this will prevent them from ‘grazing’ throughout the day. This lets the dog know that you are in control of feeding times and not them. Don’t pander to a fussy dog by constantly changing flavours. Our expert says: “If your dog doesn’t eat the food, just take it away and they’ll soon learn their lesson.”

However another reason that your dog might be a fussy eater is because they genuinely have a sensitive stomach. To decide which is the best dog food for sensitive stomachs you need to examine why they are having trouble digesting the food. The Eukanuba Daily Care Sensitive Digestion Dog Food is scientifically designed for dogs with sensitive stomachs. It still contains the same high levels of nutrition in a delicious taste, but also contains a blend of natural fibres to assist digestion, as well as easily digestible carbohydrates.

Which is the best dog food for large breed dogs?

Large breed dogs have different nutritional requirements than smaller breed dogs. When deciding which is the best dog food for your large breed dog, you should check for the presence of glucosamine. The natural additive glucosamine, along with cod liver oil, is commonly taken by humans to help keep the joint supple, but it’s also great for dogs. Large, heavy dogs may have bad joints, so dog food that contains these ingredients could be of benefit.

Additive free dog food

Today most of us realise that the question of which is the best dog food comes down to nutrition. Dog food isn’t just about what looks the tastiest or what your dog prefers, you also need to take into account the nutritional value and whether there are any unnecessary additives. Your dog’s diet should be both tasty and packed with natural goodness. That’s why Swell offers a huge range of additive-free dog food that ensures that the only thing going into your dog’s dinner is nutritious and healthy ingredients.

What’s the difference between puppy food and adult dog food?

Just like adults and children need different diets, so do puppies and adult dogs. For example, the Iams Puppy / Junior Large Breed dog food is designed to promote bone development, a healthy immune system and the overall development of the brain, while to adult dog foods these issues are less important because they have already grown.

You should also be sure to get the right kind of puppy or adult food for the size of your dog. Especially when puppies are growing they will require plenty of nutrition and if, for example, you have a large breed puppy, they will require different ratios of ingredients to smaller breeds.

Do working dogs need different dog food?

Whether for humans or dogs, the simple truth is that food is fuel. Working dogs, such as sheep dogs are constantly on the move and so it makes sense that they require more fuel to keep going, especially compared with less active dogs. So which is the best dog food for working dogs? High protein dog food, such as the Acana Dog Food range is specifically tailored to include the highest quality of responsibly sourced, hypoallergenic, protein-rich meat. Combined with the healthy vitamins and other nutrition found in vegetables, these premium dog foods provide the higher levels of protein that working and active dogs need to keep running around all day long.

Working Sheep Dogs

Which is the best dog food to feed senior dogs?

As dogs get old they naturally lose some of the energy and faculties that they had when they were puppies. Senior dog food is designed to contain ingredients that are particularly beneficial to senior dogs, such as fish oils to help promote brain function and glucosamine to support the ageing joints.

Can dog food help my dog’s coat look its best?

Just like with humans, what your dog eats has a direct effect on not only their health but also their looks, which makes a healthy diet the key to a rich, glossy coat.

Healthy Dog Fur

Breed specific dog foods, such as the Royal Canin Poodle 30 Dog Food are designed to contain everything that a poodle needs to produce a rich, soft and attractive curly coat, while also helping to improve the skin’s efficiency as a protective barrier.

What is kibble?

Dog owners often talk about feeding their pet the right “kibble” – but what is kibble? It is simply the name given to the granules of food in dry dog food, so a dog food can have small kibbles, large kibbles, irregular size kibbles and so on. Because different breeds of dogs eat in different ways (depending on if they have a long snout or a squashed face) the type of kibble can help make mealtimes easier.

Dog Food Bowl

Some dogs have what is known as a ‘brachycephalic jaw’, in other words a squashed up face rather than a long muzzle. A great example of dogs with this type of jaw is the ever lovable Bulldog. The shape and size of kibble, like in the Royal Canin Bulldog Dog Food, is tailor-made to work with this unique face shape, which lacks the more common pronounced snout of other types of dog.

Which is the best dog food for overweight dogs?

An overweight dog is not a healthy dog. Just like obesity in humans, excess weight can present a health risk. We all love to pamper our pets, but you can always treat your dog to a nice run around instead of an unhealthy treat. After all a pat on the head can be just as good as a biscuit.

However, if you find that rewarding your pet during training is how they work best, then make it a healthy one – combine one of Swell’s light dog foods, such as Iams Adult Light in fat Dog Food, with a low fat dog treat.

But which is the best dog food for overweight dogs that are getting some middle-aged spread as they get older? Senior dog food, like the Iams Senior and Mature Dog Food, contains higher levels of protein, to help keep your dog doing, but also contains lower levels of fat so you can get on with enjoying the special relationship between dog and owner, confident in the knowledge that their dinner is just as delicious and nutritionally balanced as yours.

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