Premium Dog Food, Swell Price

Swell Pets has launched a new revolutionary balanced dog food that is of the absolute premium quality but is retailed at a low cost in accordance with our policy to give you an excellent product at an affordable price. In comparison to the popular bigger name brands, customers will be making an enormous saving without having to sacrifice quality.

What flavours are available?

This great value food is ideal for fussy eaters or pampered pooches, with a selection of two chop-licking flavours: Swell Chicken and Rice and Swell Lamb and Rice, specially formulated with a minimum of 25% meat content, which ensures your dog receives a nutritional meal, every meal.

What ingredients are in the Swell dog food?

Our ingredients provide essential sources of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which combat inflammations and allergies. We have also added substantial vitamins and minerals, such as calcium, phosphorus and zinc, which maintain healthy bones and support the functionality of your dog’s immune system.

Our own brand nutritional dog food has good protein content and is hypoallergenic, therefore ideal for any dog. Plus, our tasty meaty kibble chunks are ideal for dogs that have digestive issues, as the food is gluten and wheat free, therefore avoids dietary imbalances.

Kibble and packaging

Swell Lamb Dog Food   Swell Chicken Dog Food

Above: The meaty chunks in the lamb (left) and chicken (right) dog foods.

The lamb and rice flavoured food are triangular in shape, in order to combat plaque build-up, thus maintaining dental health and avoiding bad breath. Locally produced and ethically sourced ingredients combine to make the ideal dog food, with absolutely no added nasties: you won’t find any artificial colourants, preservatives or flavourings whatsoever.

In addition, our robust packaging ensures maximal hygiene and freshness. It also features a transparent window, so the delicious meaty chunks are visible, so you’ll always know when you’re running low on grub for your doggy. Purchase our own brand dog food from our website, at the offer price of 12 kg for £29.99, (the RRP is £33.90), or invest in 24 kg (2 x 12 kg) for £47.99. We offer free delivery on this product* *Subject to terms.


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