Swell Dog Crates Launched

Dog crates (dog cages) are essential for keeping your dog safe on car journeys. They are also perfect for use as an indoor kennel, for training or for quarantine.

Swell Pets have launched a new range of Dog Crates which will make life easier for you and your dog.

Firstly it is important to get the right sized cage for your dog. Your pet needs to be able to sit, stand, move about and stretch with plenty of room so that’s why we’ve included different sizes. There is also the option of a fleece blanket lining to add that extra comfort. Because we have car journeys in mind we’ve introduced a sloping side so even in a hatchback car there will be plenty of room.

If you are taking your dogs on a long journey it doesn’t do to have them running around in the back of the car, so dog crates are the perfect solution. The curved metal corners mean your dog is safe and the rubber feet mean the cage won’t slide about.

Crate training is also essential if you are training your dog. Getting your dog into and out of the crate by positive re-enforcement is a great way of moving towards obedience training.

A crate can also be used as an indoor kennel or also as a quarantine area. It isn’t a good idea to use a cage as a punishment zone or ‘naughty corner’ because then the dog won’t want to get in when you need them to but if for example your dog has a bad paw and needs to be prevented from running about they are an excellent idea.

Swell Dog Crates have secure latches and are easy to assemble.

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