Burns Choice Lamb and Maize Dog Food

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Product Information

Burns Choice Lamb and Maize Dog Food has been formulated by the experts to take a holistic approach to your dogs health and well being, taking care of the whole of your dog and promoting overall happiness and vitality.

It starts with a great taste

While you might be worried about nutritional value, your dog’s main concern is probably taste. Fortunately, Burns Lamb & Maize Dog Food is one of the tastiest kibbles on the market, with a rich red-meat flavour they are sure to savour.

Unbeknownst to your dog, the tasty meal they are lapping up is doing them so much good! It contains just the right amount of proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals to keep them healthy and happy, in clever quantities that mean the optimum levels of nutrition are absorbed, leading to a reduction in stool size!

All the ingredients in Burns Lamb & Maize Dog Food are hypoallergenic â€" that means they have been added because they are far less likely that other ingredients to provoke a bad skin or stomach reaction in your dog. Instead, these ingredients are all easy to digest, helping to create a smooth and comfortable dining experience for your dog that won’t negatively affect the quality of their skin or coat, or upset their stomach.

This means that Burns have avoided nasty man-made or unwanted fillers in this meal, leaving just good natural nutrition â€" no wheat, soya, beef or dairy. The ingredients list is actually very small, but is of the finest quality and in just the right proportions for your dog.

Buying Burns Choice Lamb & Maize Dog Food from Swell Pets

Swell Pets like to make things quick and affordable, so keeping your dog by your side isn't a hassle and is kind to your wallet.

That’s why premium dog foods like this one are sold at discounted prices, with Next Working Day delivery available when you order before 3pm weekdays, saving you time and cash!


Whole Grain Maize (69%), Lamb Meal (22%), Peas, Sunflower Oil, Seaweed, Vitamins & Minerals.

Average Feeding Guide for Adult Food:

Weight of Dog G/Day Oz/Day
1-5kg 25-50 1-2
5-10kg 50-100 2-4
10-20kg 100-200 4-8
20-30kg 200-300 8-12
30-40kg 300-400 12-16
40-50kg 400-450 16-18

Feeding amounts can be adjusted to meet the needs of individual needs of the dog. Always make sure there is plenty of clean water available.

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    Date 16/11/2016 18:11pm
    Burns Choice Lamb & Maize Dog Food 12kg
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    Great product. Suite s my dog
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    Date 15/05/2015 07:05am
    Burns Choice Lamb & Maize Dog Food 12kg
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    Good food