Burns Sensitive Pork and Potato Dog Food

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Product Information

Burns Sensitive Pork & Potato Dog Food is a complete dry diet with a tremendous nutritional value, suitable for adult and senior dogs who love a good meal but struggle with dietary intolerances.

Many dogs suffer from the uncomfortable digestion of certain foods which may cause stomach upsets as well as skin problems leading to fur loss. Burns Sensitive Pork and potato is made just for them:

All of the ingredients included in this premium dog food are hypoallergenic and are chosen specifically because they won't provoke food and skin intolerances in your dog. They are produced in a way that means they are easily digestible, meaning your dog can get the most out of their meal, decreasing stool size and optimising nutritional value.

Your dog's diet is one of the most important things contributing towards their health and happiness, so by choosing one that their stomach can digest properly, you are giving them the best food to be able to get the nutrients they need to maintain their healthy body into later life, getting the best from what the world has to offer.

This sensitive meal is made from succulent pork meat, irresistible to the fussiest eaters, and guaranteed to cause bowls to be licked clean! The potato provides your dog with easy, slow release energy too, rather than something they will burn-off quickly and provoke spells of hyperactivity.

Order it from Swell Pets at the best price and enjoy the best in sensitive canine nutrition for your dog even sooner - with next working day delivery options available!


Potato (min 35%), Pork meat meal (min 29%), Maize, Peas, Pork fat, Seaweed, Minerals & Vitamins

Average Feeding Guide for Adult Food:

Weight of Dog G/Day Oz/Day
1-5kg 25-50 1-2
5-10kg 50-100 2-4
10-20kg 100-200 4-8
20-30kg 200-300 8-12
30-40kg 300-400 12-16
40-50kg 400-450 16-18

Feeding amounts can be adjusted to meet the needs of individual dogs. Always make sure clean water is available.

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