Butchers Chicken, Ham and Rice Dog Food

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Help to keep your dog well fed with this great quality bumper pack of Butchers Chicken, Ham and Rice Dog Food. This pack includes 12 390g cans filled with high meat content, wet dog food


  • Chicken, Ham and Rice Dog Food Cans 12 x 390g
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Product Information

Butchers Chicken, Ham and Rice Dog Food provides your dog with high quality canine nutrition, tailor made for their physiology.

Over the years, Butchers have cemented their reputation as a household brand, based on the quality of their dog food, leaving your dog 'as fit as a butchers dog'.

This Chicken, Ham and Rice version is a canned wet dog food, with high protein levels packed into every portion to help your dog grow and maintain a healthy muscle mass.

Butchers are very serious about their quality too. That's why their food contains only high quality ingredients, with no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives and completely gluten free so as not to provoke intolerances.

Bought from Swell Pets, Butchers Chicken, Ham and Rice Dog Food is great value for money too - a recognised and trusted brand of dog food for a discounted price. The bumper pack includes 12x390g cans that contains all the vitamins and minerals that your dog needs in a delicious chicken, ham and rice taste.

At a glance:

  • Pack includes 12 x 390g tins
  • Free from soya, gluten and preservatives
  • High meat content makes rich source of protein
  • Comes in a delicious jelly

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