Hills Science Plan

Hills Science Plan

Hills Science Plan believe it is vital to ensure that the right balance of nutrients are included in your dogs food, and that either too much or too little can affect the health and well being of your dog.
Hills strive to ensure that the correct blend of ingredients and nutrients are in each of their dog foods and as your dogs needs vary dependant on their age, size and sensitivity each of the blends are different.

Benefits of Hills Science Plan Dog Food

Specially engineered by the experts at Hills Science Plan, this food provides you dog with the correct balance of nutrients and ingredients in each of their recipes so that your dog, as a result, doesn't need to eat as much food to enable them to have the correct daily allowance. This means that not only does your bag of Hills Science Plan dry food last longer than you would think, but it also means that your dog have tasty meal times packed with goodness, and you will save money as well. Because your dog needs to eat less, stool volume is reduced, too.

The Hills Science team works tirelessly, so there are a number of products included in the Hills Science Plan range:

Hills Science Plan Adult Dog Food is available in a number of different flavours, including Hills Science Plan Adult Light, Hills Science Plan Mini Dog Food, Hills Science Plan Adult Large Breed, Hills Science Plan Senior Light Dog Food, as well food specifically designed for puppies, and food designed for particular problems such as a sensitive stomachs.

Hills Science are so sure that your dog will love their products they even offer a "100% satisfaction or your money back guarantee" - That's a confidence based on knowledge, experience and complete belief in their products. Just try it by buying from Swell Pets and you will see why.

Dogs who don't receive the correct balance of nutrition can suffer from poor health and their immune systems can be lowered making them susceptible to illnesses. If the ingredients in the food you choose to feed your dog have high levels of sugar or additives then you are risking your dog becoming more hyperactive which can lead to unwanted behaviour and your dog is also at an increased risk of tooth decay. With Hills Science, these problems are no longer a factor.