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Arden Grange lifestyle dog food

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Help and advice on shopping for: Arden Grange lifestyle dog food

Give your dog a formulated diet

Some dogs need more support than others from their food, such as with those with food allergies or sensitivities. Arden Grange ensures there is something for everyone with their Lifestyle range. This veterinarian-approved food is full of nutritional supplements to support any pet's lifestyle.

What makes Arden Grange Lifestyle pet foods different?

A nutritionally complete dry dog feed, lifestyle food is ideally suited to dogs susceptible to digestive problems and skin irritations, keeping their digestive tract moving and their skin and coat in perfect biological condition. This food is made from the finest ingredients including beet pulp and sweet potato that contain lots of nutritional additives, like vitamin e which is exactly what dogs need to facilitate weight loss.

Why should I buy Lifestyle dog food?

Lifestyle dog food has a variety of benefits. High calories provide more material for muscle growth and the large quantities of nutritious vitamins and minerals keep joints limber, eyes bright, coats glossy and weight optimum. It can also help lactating mother-dogs who have a greater nutrient expenditure while they nurse their puppies. Made from only hypoallergenic ingredients that won't upset your dog's sensitive digestive system, Lifestyle food is free from dairy products, wheat gluten, beef and soya. Nothing that doesn't benefit your dog's health goes in.

What are the main types of Arden Grange Lifestyle dog food?

All of the Lifestyle foods we carry are made for those with an intolerance to certain foods, meaning you can ensure that your dog has the very best diet for them.

Adult light dog food with chicken and rice is a lower calorie diet choice than standard Arden Grange dog foods, making it ideal for less active dogs which need to shed a few pounds.

Premium Dog Food is maize and corn-free to prevent dietary intolerances, this premium dog food is packed full of real fresh chicken to provide your dog with the optimum amount of protein for healthy strong muscles.

The Arden Grange Ocean White Fish and Potato Adult is specially formulated for dogs who have trouble with heavier foods that upset their stomachs. Arden Grange dog foods are made from hypoallergenic ingredients, but this one is the best for reducing discomfort from feeding, ensuring your dog gets the most out of every meal.