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Help and advice on shopping for: Arden Grange puppy food

Complete food for growing puppies

Make sure your new puppy is off to the best start possible with the Arden Grange Puppy/Junior Dog Food range. Made up of palatable and highly digestible kibble pieces, this range of dry and grain-free food contains all the food required for steady and healthy growth in growing dogs.

What makes Arden Grange puppy junior dog food different?

Puppy/Junior dog food is a hypoallergenic, complete feed for puppies and adolescent dogs that provides the ideal balance of protein, fat, fibre, calcium, and phosphorus. In this formula, the nutrition is designed specifically for puppies and dogs just beginning their development into happy, healthy adults. Arden Grange Puppy/Junior dog food is available in fresh chicken and fish kibble flavour combinations.

Why should I buy puppy dog food for my dog?

Nutrition plays a vital role in meeting the necessary needs for a puppy's growth and development, including bone, muscle, joint, internal organs, and immune system. By purchasing puppy/junior food you will be giving your pets the best start in life. Arden Grange also offer different formulas of dog food for small and medium breeds as well as large pets, so you can get exactly what your pup needs.

What are the main types of Arden Grange junior dog food?

Puppy/Junior food comes in a choice of sizes, so you can ensure that you get the right one for your dog. Standard is ideal small or medium breeds, and large breed, which is generally designed for dogs who will end up over 25kg as adults.

Can I buy an Arden Grange puppy chicken meat meal with refined chicken oil?

Yes, both the standard puppy/junior food for medium breed puppies and the puppy/junior large breed dog food is packed full of fresh chicken meat and refined chicken oil. This super-premium pet food aids in the healthy growth and development of your pet, while also encouraging fussy eaters with delicious fresh chicken. These meals also feature an optimal balance of beet pulp, whole dried egg, yucca extract and nutritional additives that encourage steady growth in puppies. Alternatively, we also offer a fish meal for puppies with sensitive stomachs.

What features should I look for?

In terms of puppy food, dry food is one of the best choices because it contains the most meat protein. Besides being more practical, cost-effective, and easier to digest, it also helps keep teeth clean.