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Swell Pets Dog Food

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Help and advice on shopping for: Swell Pets Dog Food

Nutritional dry dog food

Hypoallergenic and made from high-quality ingredients, Swell Pets Premium is the perfect food for your dog. Suitable for different life stages, it's ideal as a complete feed for adult sporting and working dogs. We have a huge range of excellent dry dog food including lots of different flavours like chicken and fish.

What makes Swell Pets' dog food different to other brands?

Swell Premium Dog food is a well balanced high-quality working dog food packed with all the requirements of your dog's daily full feed. It's offered in five different varieties including chicken with rice, lamb with rice, salmon with potato, senior/light fish with rice and puppy chicken with rice to suit all different types of dogs and care for them at the different stages of life.

Why should I buy Swell Pets dog food for my pet?

Swell dog food contains high levels of nutrition to support the immune system. In addition to essential fatty acids, zinc, and biotin that support healthy skin, your dog will also receive vitamins to help ensure it forms bones, muscles, skin, and organs correctly. With the option of purchasing this dry dog food in 12 kg bags, you can have a long term supply of tasty pet food.

What are the main types of Swell Pets dog food?

Swell Pets dog food is divided into three categories making it easy for you to find which one suits your dog’s lifestyle. The light side of Swell's dog food collection is perfect for senior, overweight dogs. This food provides the necessary nutritional vitamins and minerals your pet will require to help maintain a healthy immune system. Swell adult dog food comes in a choice of chicken or Lamb food, both combined with the perfect amount of rice to ensure they are getting everything they need. Both are wheat and gluten-free, meaning they are ideal for those with dietary intolerances.

What should I look for when I'm buying Swell Pets dog food?

Swell's dog food range offers everything a dog could need but you need to think about a few things when picking the right feed for your dog. The age of your dog is the most important factor as this will determine whether you need a puppy, adult or senior feed. After that, you should think about the lifestyle of your pet, the more active they are the more likely it is that they will need food formulated for working dogs, which includes far more protein and fats.

Always check out our whole range to claim any extra discount, great prices and deals. We have a great offer of quick delivery and excellent service for customers on all of our swell pets customer orders.