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  • Large and strong poo bags for dog walkers
  • 100% leak-proof and extra-thick
  • Easy to tie and lock-in smells
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A great way to stock up on high-quality poop bags for your dog.

What are Earth Rated Bags?

Earth Rated Dog Poop Bags are extra thick bags designed for picking up and disposing of dog poo. Unlike other dog waste bags, they are extra long and totally leak-proof so you can easily knot the bags trapping any size poop securely to block unpleasant smells. Earth Rated know that details matter so they have added several features to the poo bag, including epi additive technology which makes it easier to biodegrade and breaking the bags into smaller rolls that each fit on roll cores that will easily fit in your pocket when walking the dog.

How thick are Earth Rated Poop Bags?

Earth Rated Dog Waste Bags are extra strong as they are 15 microns thick. The plastic they are made from comes in an unscented option, for scent sensitivities, is easy to recycle or biodegrade and will completely lock in smells.



Brand Earth Rated
Scent Unscented


Product Earth Rated Poop Bags 120 Unscented (8 x 15) Earth Rated Poop Bags 315 Unscented (21 x 15)
Number of bags 120 bags 315 bags
Number of rolls 8 rolls 21 rolls
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