Eukanuba Adult Large Breed Weight Control Dog Food

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  • 2 x 12kg Adult Large Breed Weight Control Dog Food
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Product Information

Eukanuba Adult Large Breed Light has a lower fat content and calorie density, making it ideal for adult large and giant breed dogs that are overweight or have a lower activity level, making it more difficult for them to burn off fat.

While retaining a good protein content for the maintenance of your dog's healthy muscle mass, the ingredients are otherwise very low in saturated fats, giving your dog the chance to use up the stored fat it is already carrying. Some of the negative fats have been replaced with lower calorie carbohydrates, so nutritional value is still high, but without the problem of added weight gain.

This is a complete dry food, so it isn't just your dog's weight it looks after:

This food, like most of the Eukanuba range contains their Joint Management System (JMS) to provide natural nutritional support to your dog's joint cartilage by including increased levels of chondroitin sulphate and glucosamine. Balanced levels of Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids are included too, providing support to your dog's skin and coat - the first line of defence for their immune system.

Dental care is included too! Their 3D dental system means that the shape of the kibble actually helps clean your dog's teeth as they chew, reducing tartar build deposits by up to 80%!

Eukanuba hasn't forgotten about taste either - this is a delicious dish your dog will be anxious to get it's jaws around, with a great chicken taste. It has been formulated to be highly digestible too, so your dog should have no trouble absorbing and passing this food, without provoking minor food intolerances.

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