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  • Pink Camo Snap Free Cat Collar
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Hem & Boo Snap Free Cat Collars are now available at Swell Pets for Cats, and are designed with your cat's safety in mind.

Cat's are often adventurous creatures by nature and love to go off exploring, especially in trees. This can sometimes cause a problem: your cat's collar can snag on branches and twigs, trapping them and causing them injury, possibly far from home!

Snap-free collars are the answer: These collars have a connection that causes the collar to "snap-free" in the event of increased stress along the collar - like when caught by a branch - releasing your cat from the dangerous situation and allowing them to return home to you safe and sound.

The Hem and Boo snap free cat collar is available in two colours: pink and blue. These fashion cat collars have a fast click buckle, D ring and bell.

The designs are as follows:-

The blue camo cat collar is a camouflage design made up of light blue, darker blue, grey and white.

The pink camo cat collar is again a camouflage design which is made up of light pink, cerise pink, grey and white.

We keep these fantastic snap free collars in stock and priced low, so place your order before 3pm with Swell Pets and we can despatch your new collar later on the same day!

Blue Camo Snap Free Cat Collar 1.0cm x 30cm
Pink Camo Snap Free Cat Collar 1.0cm x 30cm

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Hem & Boo Pink Camo Snap Free Cat Collar 1.0cm x 30cm

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