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  • Deluxe donut dog beds with a solid foam structure
  • Features an anti-slip base and removable cushion
  • Available in multiple sizes and three different colours
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The foam walls are really comfy and perfect for dogs to snuggle into.

What are the features of the Hugs Deluxe Donut Beds?

Hugs Deluxe Donut Beds are a super strong and soft round dog bed. Available in two sizes and three different colours to suit any home, these high-quality dog beds are designed with structured foam walls that are extra thick to help maintain their shape. These deluxe dog beds feature a removable cushion that can be flipped over to use the other side, unzipped and machine washed by removing the filling from the cushion cover. The Hugs Deluxe Donut Beds features a cosy, fleece material to ensure maximum comfort providing a comfortable sleeping area for your dog. Their non-slip base also keeps them in place.

What are the benefits of foam dog beds?

One of the most important factors for a healthier lifestyle is your pet's sleeping quality. Aside from being luxurious, foam dog beds also have some important health benefits. A comfortable dog bed is essential for your pet because they enjoy having their own space to relax while also protecting your furniture. A dog bed, rather than the floor, keeps them warm, supports their arthritic joints, and prevents calluses.

A high-quality memory foam bed will significantly reduce pain in dogs suffering from issues such as joint or muscular pain. However, this does not imply that they are only useful in medical situations; any dog can benefit from the comfort they provide. Foam dog beds are an excellent choice for dogs of any age or physical condition because they provide a fantastic night's sleep.

Machine washable Machine washable at 30 degrees
Colour Grey, mustard, teal
Size 80 x 25cm, 95 x 25cm
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