Hurtta Dog Cooling Wrap Aquamarine

A fantastic way to help your dog stay cool

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  • A cooling dog vest
  • Easy to setup and use, simply soak in water
  • Different sizes to suit all dog breeds
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If you have a dog that is always panting, this is the perfect summer accessory. It’s easy to use and your dog will love it.

What is the Hurtta Dog Cooling Wrap Aquamarine?

Hurtta cooling wrap is a specially designed vest that has been designed to enhance cooling and reduce body heat in dogs during the summer months. The vest's cooling effect spreads around the dog's body, namely the chest, as the cool water evaporates within the cooling layer, similar to how humans sweat. This cooling reaction is extremely effective in minimising body heat in even the warmest weather and will deliver a longer-lasting cooling effect than a bowl of water or ice. The jacket's 3D mesh knit fabric enhances evaporation by harnessing the microfibers' remarkable absorption power trapping cold water within the vest.

How do you use a cooling vest?

To use the cooling vest, simply soak the vest in cold water and attach it to your dog as you would any other vest. As circulation occurs around your dog's body and it absorbs moisture from the vest, your dog will cool. On particularly hot days, you may also find it useful to top up the vest with cool water once the vest drys out.



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934014 40-50cm
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