JBL Cristal Profi External

Low Watt external aquarium filter

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  • External aquarium filters for tanks up to 160 l
  • Ready-to-connect with all filter media and accessories
  • Low wattage, quiet pump
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The JBL Cristal Profi Greenline External filters are a High-tech external filters. As they are external, this frees up much more space within the tank.

This range of external filters are designed to not only save money, but power too. Each runs at a low wattage, which is energy efficient and also saves on running costs. The Greenline range uses at least 31% less energy than the standard range, whilst still maintaining a powerful performance.

Each has a large filter volume, so it can hold and clean a high quantity of water for the best possible results. Media is included so all you need to do is plug it in and enjoy your clean, clear tank. There is a pre filter on the top, so the water is cleansed of larger particles before it reached the main media, this not only cleanses the water more thoroughly but also means less maintenance.

Product characteristics at a glance:

  • Ready-to-connect with all filter media and accessories.
  • Pre-filter positioned on top for fast cleaning.
  • Start switch for easy siphoning.
  • Low wattage yet high performance.
  • Extremely quiet pump.
  • Media included.
Product JBL Cristal Profi Greenline e702 JBL Cristal Profi Greenline e902 JBL Cristal Profi Greenline e1502
Aquarium Size 60-200l 90-300l 200-700l
Pipe 12/16 mm 12/16 mm 16/22 mm
Wattage 9W 11W 20W
Filter volume 3.5l 7.6l 12l
Dimensions 180 x 200 x 350mm 180 x 200 x 400mm 200 x 235 x 475mm
Guarantee 2 years 2 years 2 years
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