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At a glance...
  • Slow feeder dog plate that enriches feeding time
  • Holds up to two cups of dry or wet dog food
  • Anti-gulping design
A smaller anti-gulping lick mat for pugs and terriers.

What are the features of the LickiMat Slodog?

The LickiMat Slodog is a slow feeder that’s designed with lots of unique pockets instead of bumps or a maze to prevent gulping. Perfect for all dog breeds, especially flat nose dogs, the LickiMat Slodog is tested to slow down feeding in seconds to minutes. Made from a durable, non-toxic food-grade material for safe and long-lasting use, this dog plate makes a fantastic alternative to slow feeder bowls with its wide surface area. With a non-skid base to keep the place in place and prevent spills, the LickiMat Slodog can hold up to two cups of wet or dry dog food.

What are the benefits of slow feeding dog plates?

The LickiMat Slodog is a dog plate that feeds slowly to avoid gulping. Because all food is visible, it does not need to be pursued, reducing frustration. Most slow feeders work by putting obstacles or maze-like structures in the way of the dog's access to the food. This can be extremely frustrating for the dog and cause stress and anxiety.

The LickiMat Slodog divides the meal into multiple mini-meals by distributing the measure into a large number of small shallow pockets. Your dog will only consume one mini meal at a time this way. You can even use this feeding plate to help manage your dog’s weight with the slow feeding method and improve their overall health and well-being.

Material Food grade polypropylene
Dimensions 35 x 26 cm
Suitable for All dogs
Capacity 2 cups/500 ml, best with dry food
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