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  • 6 Fish Dog Food - 11.4kg
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Let your dog feel the benefit of the great Canadian wildlife with the Orijen six Fish Dog Food. It contains no less that 6 delicious, freshly caught fish straight from the heart of Canada. This award winning pet food mirrors your dog's natural high protein diet and lacks any grains, additives or preservatives, which allows for easier digestion a far more nutritious dog food.


The Orijen 6 Fish Dog Food gives your dog exactly what they need to stay happy and healthy with a rich combination of award winning Canadian fish that mirrors their natural high protein diet. Unlike the red meat based dog food like the Orijen Regional Red Dog Food, it is sourced entirely from fish, fruit and vegetables.

To keep your pet's nutrition at its best this dog food includes six types of fresh fish, including salmon, herring, flounder, walleye pike and whitefish. All of these ingredients are fresh caught from the heart of Canada and prepared freshly, without additives or preservatives, into a dry dog food.

It also contains naturally sourced fruit and vegetables, which are essential to provide vitamins and minerals to your dog. Because this dog food does not include grains, which your dog is not evolved to easily digest, it allows for much easier digestion.


  • 80% fish (salmon, herring, flounder, northern walleye, pike and whitefish)
  • 20% fruit and vegetables
  • 0% grain

At a glance:

  • Award winning pet food manufacturer
  • Six fresh Canadian fish included with fruit and vegetables
  • Dried, jerky-like dog food
  • All natural high protein recipe that mirrors a dogs natural diet
  • Retains natural goodness, with no additives or preservatives

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