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Product Information

Keep your dog happy and healthy for longer with Orijen Senior Dog Food. This award winning pet food boasts grade A meat produced from an award winning manufacturer. It is dry food specifically made from high protein, fresh meats, with no preservative, using a mixture designed for older dogs. It also includes larger amounts of fruit and vegetables but no unnatural grains, to aid digestion.

Orijen Senior Dog Food is a dry, high protein dog food, but unlike the Orijen Adult Dog Food it includes a greater ratio of fresh fruit and vegetables. All of which are manufactured specifically for the diet of adult dogs.

It contains a great variety of six high protein meats, including free-range chicken and turkey, chicken liver, as well as whole eggs and fish, of such high standard that it is even fit for human consumption, with a grade A rating.

There is also a smaller amount of biologically appropriate fruits and vegetables, and allows for easier digestion, by lacking any grains which are dogs are not evolved to digest.

All of the ingredients are caught fresh and packaged immediately. It is presented as a dry, jerky-like dog food that retains all of its natural nutrients and ingredients by never being frozen and is completely preservative free.


  • 75% meat (poultry, eggs, meat and fish)
  • 25% fruit and vegetables
  • 0% grain

At a glance:

  • Healthy protein to fruit ratios tailor made for older dogs
  • High protein, low carbohydrate mixture
  • Diverse selection of high protein meat products
  • Dried jerky dog food
  • Freshly packaged, no preservatives, never frozen and award winning

Swell Pets want your dog to have the best diet too, so you can buy this amazingly nutritious senior dog food at a better-than-market price and with Next Working Day delivery Options too!

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    Date 07/09/2018 08:09am
    Orijen Senior Dog Food 11.4kg
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    Super food for your pet.One of the best on the market.
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    Date 22/04/2018 11:04am
    Orijen Senior Dog Food 11.4kg
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    The best dry for your pet .
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    Date 30/11/2017 19:11pm
    Orijen Senior Dog Food 11.4kg
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    One of the best dry dog foods you can get for you pet.
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    Date 09/06/2017 12:06pm
    Orijen Senior Dog Food 13kg
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    Orijen dry dog food is a food that you can rely on,it contains all the vitamins your pet needs.It is known in the dog world as one of the best.We also use Naturediet,wet food that we use as a mixer,this food is also very good and contains the goodness your pet will need.With this diet our dog has a very shiny coat with a wagging tail and bounceing with health.