Pedigree Jumbone Maxi

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  • Jumbone Maxi Beef for large dogs - Single Sale
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  • Jumbone Maxi Chicken for large dogs - Single Sale
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Product Information

Pedigree Jumbone Maxi now available from Swell Pets at our famously low prices to give your dog with a big appetite a dog treat to match.

Long-lasting and delicious, it contains plenty of vitamins and minerals to keep your dog growing and maintaining a healthy a body, including calcium for bones and teeth.

Easily digestible and non-splintering for a smooth digestive process, this is a safer alternative to real bones, still with natural beef or chicken flavours your dog will savour.

The Pedigree Maxi is ready to be despatched to satisfy your dog’s snacking hunger at a low price from Swell Pets.

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