ProRep Tortoise Life

A desert substrate to simulate your tortoise's natural habitat

At a glance...
  • A mixture of high-quality topsoil and sand substrate
  • Allows Tortoises to dig freely like a natural habitat
  • Substrate for the Mediterranean and Russian species
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I’ve been buying a few things from Swell Reptiles for my tortoise. The prices are actually cheaper than going to the shops. Fast delivery, will continue to order from Swell Reptiles.

What is ProRep Tortoise Life substrate?

ProRep Tortoise Life is a substrate that is part of the ProRep Life range, specifically designed to replicate the arid habitats where Mediterranean and Russian tortoises are found. This is ideal for most tortoises and allows them to dig freely as they would in their natural habitats. This high-quality top soil has texture and moisture retention characteristics that replicate their environments perfectly and mean that it's easy to clean with a sieve, lasting longer and being more cost-efficient. The addition of pure limestone means that if reptiles ingest the substrate they are taking in calcium. Also available is the new Tortoise Life Bio with added coco fibre.

Key Features:

  • Replicates the natural environment
  • Made with 50:50 high quality top soil and sand
  • Contains limescale grit for added calcium
  • Great for making a deep substrate
  • Fantastic for burrowing
  • Perfect for Mediterranean and Russian tortoises
  • Suitable for ingestion, even a source of calcium

What makes ProRep Tortoise Life a good substrate?

Tortoise Life is an outstanding substrate for most tortoise species, when spread to create a deeper substrate evenly, it offers drainage and the opportunity to burrow extensively which is particularly good for young animals. It's easy to maintain as well, as all you have to do is remove soiled substrate and replace completely with fresh Tortoise life. The little limestone grit added to the substrate absorbs moisture easily, removing waste and managing local humidity.

What is Tortoise Life made from?

This tortoise substrate mixture simulates the texture and moisture retention characteristics of arid habitats, particularly Mediterranean and Russian habitats. The substrate is made up of equal parts high-quality top soil and play sand as well as limestone grit added to improve absorption and calcium content.



Volume 10 Litres
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