Ruff and Tumble Dog Drying Coats

Dog drying coat for wet walks and muddy dogs

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  • Double thickness cotton towelling dog drying coats
  • Ideal for a wet walk or after a bath
  • Available in a variety of sizes and colours
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A lovely thick coat that’s easy to put on. Perfect for pets that love going in the sea.

What are the Ruff and Tumble Dog Drying Coats?

Recommended by Vets, the Ruff and Tumble Dog Drying Coats are a range of double thickness cotton towelling dog drying coats that make drying your dogs simple, comfortable and stylish. They dry your dog in minutes and take the hassle out of managing wet dogs after wet walks. Designed with two layers of absorbent towelling that wicks away wet from your dog, drying coats are made from soft cotton that is comfortable to wear without restricting movement. Available in a variety of sizes and colours to match the Ruff and Tumble Dog Drying Mitts, they can be machine washed on cool and tumble dried on gentle. In addition to a handy hanging loop to hang your drying coat by the back door, they come with a free, handy storage bag.

What are the features of the Ruff and Tumble Dog Drying Coats?

These dog drying coats are easy to use. They are designed with an adjustable Velcro belly strap that ensures the perfect fit around your pooch and can be fastened snug because of the amount of Velcro giving a flexible fit on a skinnier dog. A long adjustable hood and extra deep collar wick away moisture from their ears and neck while the extra-wide belly flap ensures maximum coverage. In addition, elasticated leg straps help keep the dog robe in place if you have a wriggly dog.

Does a drying robe make managing wet dogs easy?

The inside layer wicks moisture from your dog’s coat. This moisture is then drawn through the inner layer, and body heat pushes the moisture through to the outer later of towelling. The moisture evaporates through the outer layer, helping to make your dog comfortable and dry on the inside.

It’s really important to keep older dogs with arthritis warm after they’ve been in the water so their joints aren’t sitting damp.

Care instructions

  • Always fasten the velcro before washing or storing the coat
  • Wash the coat before first use to avoid any possible colour transference
  • Wash with similar colours
  • We recommend not using fabric softener

Specialist dog sizes are available on request.

Material Cotton towel
Colour Bottle green, brick red, burgundy, country mud, french navy, heather, sandringham blue
Suitable for All dog breeds
Storage bag included Yes
Warranty 60 day
Machine washable 30° cool wash
Tumble dryable Gentle tumble dry

Sizing guide

The sizes are adjustable via a towelling belly flap, which can be easily adjusted with Velcro straps. The size of your dog should be determined by its weight and 'top line' (the top line is measured from the shoulder blades to the end of the tail). If your dog is between two sizes, we recommend choosing the larger size.

Drying coat size Approx. weight Top line Recommended breeds
Extra Small 5-7 kg 28-35 cm

Small Terriers

Toy Breeds

Small Jack Russells

Small Border Terriers


Small Bichon Frise

Small 7-11 kg 35-41 cm

Most Terriers

Border Terriers

Lhasa Apso

Shih Tzu

Small Cockapoos

Small KC Cavalier Spaniels



Small French Bulldog

Miniature Schnauzer

Boston Terrier

Medium 11-15 kg 41-49 cm

Cocker Spaniels

Tibetan Terriers



Small Staffies


KC Cavalier Spaniels

Large French Bulldog

Miniature Bull Terrier

Medium Large 15-22 kg 49-57 cm

Springer Spaniels

Small Border Collies

Small Bearded Collies

Big Staffies

Small British Bulldogs

Bull Terrier

Large 22-29 kg 57-67 cm


Small Retrievers



Bearded Collies

Border Collies

Extra Large 29-40 kg 64-72 cm

Large Labradors


Golden Retrievers

Large Pointers

German Shepherds

Large Labradoodles


Flat Coat Retrievers

Standard Poodle

XX Large 30-50 kg 72-84 cm

Large German Shepherds

Large Golden Retrievers

Large Setters

Large Greyhounds

Large Flat Coat Retrievers


Large Rottweilers

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