Sharples 'N' Grant Lick 'n' Chicken Rolls 5

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  • Lick 'n' Chicken Rolls 5" (80g)
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Product Information

Sharples & Grant Lick 'n' Chicken Rolls are rawhide dog treats wrapped with real chicken to give your dog the taste they want the most, without the choking hazard from splintered chicken bones.

The Lick 'n' Chicken Rolls are a great tasty treat that your dog will love. As with other rawhide treats, the chewing helps clean and strengthen gums and they last quite some time, too.

Order a back of 4 X 5inch rolls from Swell Pets to get real value for money from your dog treats.

Pack size - 4 Rolls (80g)

Roll Size - 4 x 5"

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