Swell Green and Red Artificial Plant

Tall red and green aquarium decoration

At a glance...
  • Tall red and green artificial plant for all aquariums
  • Easy to clean and setup with a weighted base
  • A range of heights to choose between
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Vibrant colours make a real statement in your aquarium, and these single pack plants are no exception.

They are anchored with a sturdy base that will keep the tall plants safely in position. At up to 80cm tall these artificial plant are perfect for a larger aquarium, to create a stunning backdrop.

The tall branches sway in the gentle movement of the water, which creates a beautiful, natural look. The deep and light shades of red and green look both exotic and striking, especially when used with other plants.

This non-toxic plant is safe for use with fish and plants alike and will not leach any toxins into the water. Simply clean with old aquarium water during regular maintenance.

Key Features:

  • Weighted Base
  • Attractive vibrant red and green colours
  • Low maintenance
Colour Green
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