Swell Green Hygrophila Artificial Plant

Tall green plastic aquarium plants

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  • Tall green artificial plant for all aquariums
  • Easy to clean and setup with a weighted base
  • A range of heights to choose between
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The artificial aquarium plants I purchased are lovely looking and good quality too.

What is the Swell Green Hygrophila Artificial Plant range?

The Swell Green Hygrophila Artificial Plant range is made up of a selection of green artificial plants designed to mimic real aquatic plants. The artificial hygrophila plants look great as both a background and foreground plant in any aquarium. The branches will sway in the tank's current and create the most natural-looking artificial version of aquatic plants possible.  The plants come in a wide range of sizes to suit all aquariums and aquascapes.

What features do these artificial aquarium plants have?

These plants come in shades of pale and vibrant green with bright green leaves. Each special artificial plant looks rich with life as it has a fern-covered base. The overall texture is luxurious making it perfect for any size of tank as a foreground or background plant to create a stunning backdrop or for concealing technical equipment. On a firm base, this plant will remain in position for a long time. 

How do I look after a Swell Green Hygrophila Artificial Plant?

To clean, simply wash in old aquarium water during routine maintenance, it is non-toxic so it is safe for use with fish and plants alike and will not leak any toxins into the water. As an artificial aquarium plant, it has none of the natural functions of a plant to worry about.



Brand Swell
Material Plastic
Colour Green


Product Wattage
LAN255 25cm
LAN751 80cm
LAN249 22cm
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