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Swell Natural Moss Cane

Flexible moss cane for promoting exploration in tropical terrariums

At a glance...
  • Flexible and natural-looking moss cane for rainforest setups
  • 3-dimensional climbing environment for arboreal type reptiles
  • Available in 1 and 2 cm diameters
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This moss reptile branch can be easily positioned in any part of a terrarium as it's easy to shape.

What is the Swell Natural Moss Cane?

The Swell Natural Moss Cane is a natural-looking vine that can be bent and twisted to suit your rainforest setup. They are available in two sizes, with the small measuring 200 cm x 1 cm and the large measuring 200 cm x 2 cm. These flexible moss canes are ideal for creating connections around the top of terrariums, perfect for arboreal species, especially chameleons and are extremely animal friendly.

What are the benefits of using reptile branches?

The Swell Natural Moss Cane offers a 3-dimensional natural habitat for arboreal reptiles and amphibians. With its natural appearance and lifelike feel, the moss vine provides decoration plus a place to climb and explore for chameleons and arboreal geckos. They can be used to bridge the top canopy area of arboreal enclosures to ensure the best use of space. Plus, when used with other vines of different diameters and vertical structures, chameleons are able to exercise their feet muscles prop

Product Swell Natural Moss Cane Small Swell Natural Moss Cane Large
Dimensions L:200 cm x ø:1 cm L:200 cm x ø:2 cm
Colour Green Green
Suitable setup type Rainforest, jungle Rainforest, jungle
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