Swell Nordic Gravel 4-6mm

Medium sized particulate substrate for use in tropical and freshwater aquariums

At a glance...
  • Natural looking substrate for tropical and freshwater aquariums
  • Made from inert and cleaned gravel, maintains pH levels
  • Pre-washed grains of around 4-6 mm in size
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Swell Unipac Nordic Gravel is perfect to create the most natural underwater scene.

The 4-6mm medium size is ideal for any aquarium, and looks especially good in a freshwater tank. In tones of pale beige, white, grey and pearlescent shades, this adds a completely authentic look to any aquarium.

This gravel can be used alone or as a base layer with sand or other substrates. Although irregular in shape and size, the grains are rounded, so as not to harm bottom dwellers.

The Nordic gravel is inert and prewashed to remove any traces of contaminant.

It is pre-washed to remove any small particles, and is dye and powder free too. So you can be confident that nothing will be leached into your aquarium and the pH balance will not be affected. However, you may wish to rinse the gravel before use, to remove any tiny fragments that may have been caused during transit.

Nordic Gravel is available in different size bags of 2kg and 20kg.

Key Features:

  • Comes pre-washed
  • Inert - won't affect your water pH
  • No dyes and no powder
  • Gives a natural look to your aquarium
  • Great value
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