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Your kitten deserves a a soft, warm but exciting place to play and snooze, and the new Scratcher Post and Hide is simply perfect.

Covered in a warm and soft cream fabric, the roomy hide provides a snuggly place to sleep. Kittens, like most young animals, like somewhere enclosed to sleep. The shelter is covered inside and out and has just one access point, so your pet will feel safe and warm.

A sisal covered post rises from the shelter, to provide a good place to condition those tiny claws and stretch the muscles. Offering a scratch post means that your kitten learns not to use furniture as he grows!

A cream covered platform sits atop the post, which your kitten will love to sit on as he grows.Â

We also have the Sleeper Cat Scratch Post, which is another great play and sleep unit for your kitten.

Size:30 x 30 x 57cm

Colours: Cream and neutral sisal

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