Swell Premium Sphagnum Moss 1ltr

The perfect reptile natural moss for your wetland environment reptiles

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  • Sphagnum moss helps create humidity in your vivarium
  • Moss comes ready hydrated and soaked
  • Ideal for encouraging your reptile to shed its skin or to lay eggs
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What is Swell Premium Sphagnum Moss?

Swell Premium Sphagnum Moss is a pre-packaged container of New Zealand Sphagnum moss. The completely natural moss substrate is ideal for encouraging your wetland environment reptiles' egg-laying and shedding behaviours. The moss comes ready hydrated and should be placed inside caves or shedding stumps. This natural moss can also be used with other moss environment species and will make for a good natural frog moss for amphibians and wetland environment invertebrates.

Swell Premium Sphagnum Moss is real compressed moss grown to help create humidity in your lizard or snake's vivarium contributing to a sustainable, controlled environment. One tub of Swell sphagnum moss contains about 1ltr of moss that is already hydrated.

Why should I buy moss for my terrarium?

Moss has an amazing moisture holding ability and provides a soft, comforting surface in humid environments. Particularly during a shed or breeding season. Many reptiles, such as Green snakes, are known to find moss particularly comforting and it can even help to reduce their stress levels.

During breeding, moss can also act as an incubation medium in a naturalistic terrarium, allowing your pets to care for their young as they would in the wild.

Is moss good for reptiles?

As with many aspects of reptile keeping, terrarium moss is good for some species and not others. Generally speaking, animals that come from a humid environment are much more likely to appreciate moss in their enclosure than those from a dry or arid habitat.

Moss thrives on moisture and humidity so will not survive for long in arid enclosures. However, you may what to create moss shelters within an arid habitat to help shedding reptiles, such as Leopard geckos during shedding.

Can you use wild moss in a terrarium?

While it might be appealing to add some garden moss to your lizard setups and snake setups, this is generally ill-advised. Conditions found in the United Kingdom are a far cry from those of the jungles of South America and tropical Asia where many of the humidity-loving animals come from. This means that the moss may not be suitable for your terrarium or may contain parasites and diseases that your pet is unable to handle. You should always buy moss that has been carefully grown for use in exotic animal enclosures.



Species Sphagnum moss
Average pack size 1 litre
Brand Swell
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