Swell Reptile Pump Sprayer

Everything you need to maintain a moist enclosure

At a glance...
  • Large, handheld pump sprayer for maintaining moist and humid conditions
  • Massive 1.5l for catering to multiple enclosures with needing a refill
  • Pump-action creates high-pressure spray
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The Swell Reptile Pump Sprayer is ideal for increasing humidity in a rainforest terrarium or flexarium to make it more comfortable for your rainforest reptile who comes from warmer, more humid climates.

A simple pump and spray bottle, you can spray more easily with this than a trigger spray and for longer, making the Swell Reptile Pump Sprayer perfect for moistening substrate and terrarium decor. Reptiles like chameleons and iguanas like a misty terrarium as they will also drink dew from leaves and it is also perfect if you keep tree frogs, scorpions and tarantulas.

Fill it up with water, pump the handle up and down to pressurise the bottle and point it inside your terrarium to fill it with fine mist spray. The adjustable metal spray head allows you to make a fine mist and the bottle holds a substantial 1.5 litres. The handle features a lock to allow you to keep the spray going without the need to keep pumping.

  • Pump pressure powered
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Fine spray nozzle
  • 1.5 Litre capacity
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