Swell Stellar Stone Gravel Black

Black metallic gravel for all aquariums

At a glance...
  • Epoxy coated black metallic aquarium gravel substrate
  • Grains of around 7-10mm in size
  • Pre washed and inert - won't affect your water pH
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Our Swell Unipac Stellar Stone Gravel is a black metallic gravel that has an almost lunar finish.

This 7-10mm gravel is Epoxy coated with a shining black covering. This method of colouring will not fade or leach contaminants into the water like traditional techniques such as powder paint. It will not affect the delicate balance of the water including the pH value.

This shimmering gravel adds a dramatic touch to any tank, and is ideal for a child's first aquarium.

We'd recommend rinsing the gravel before use, as even though it is powder free, some particles can chip during transit. Rinsing will remove any offending pieces.

Stellar Stone Gravel is available in different size bags of 2kg and 20kg.

Key Features:

  • Comes pre-washed
  • Inert - won't affect your water pH
  • Epoxy coated so no powder
  • Perfect for kids aquariums
  • Great value
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