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Vetark Nutrobal Reptile Food Supplement 50g-1kg

A high calcium balancer and multivitamin reptile food supplement

At a glance...
  • Reptile food supplement
  • Gives your exotic pet a huge boost of essential vitamins and minerals
  • Available with 4 different sizes to choose from
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Give your insect-eating reptile an essential boost of Calcium in the form of the ever-popular Vetark Nutrobal, with 4 different sizes to choose from, this product is adaptable for a variety of different creatures.

Most reptiles need a hefty supply of calcium in their diet in order to grow healthy skeletal structures. Calcium can be viewed as a difficulty to get into a completely natural diet - you can therefore supplement their Livefood insects with Nutrobal - simply dust your crickets or locusts with this handy supplement, featuring extra vitamins and minerals. These are also required for your reptile to develop healthily.

Looking for an alternative, why not try White Python's NutriRep.

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