At a glance...
  • Vinyl dog toy frisbee ideal for interactive games
  • Suitable for all dog breeds
  • Available in a variety of bright colours
The hoop is brilliant for keeping dogs entertained.

What is the Happy Pet Hoop La Hoop dog toy?

The Happy Pet Hoop La Hoop is a vinyl ring toy for dogs providing hours of fun playtime. In a variety of bright colours, this lightweight dog toy is easy to hold, carry and is ideal for dogs who love playing fetch. Made from flexible vinyl, the Happy Pet Hoop La Hoop dog toy will encourage gentle chewing which is great for your dogs teeth and gums plus makes the toy easy to clean.

Dogs enjoy playing and interacting with their owners; to ensure you have the most fun together, always supervise your dog during playtime and make sure all original packaging is removed before use.

Please note: Colours are sent out at random and will vary.

What are the benefits of fetch toys?

Playing fetch is a great way for an owner and their dog to bond. It uses up your pet dog’s seemingly endless energy and also reduces their individual stressors through mindfulness and exercise. Fetch toys are a great way to exercise your dog and have the added benefit of helping train your dog's cues. The Happy Pet Hoop La Hoop vinyl ring is ideal for interactive games of throw and fetch and can also be used for fun games of tug of war.

Material Vinyl
Suitable for All dog breeds

Pink, green , yellow

Please note: Colours are sent out at random and will vary

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