James Wellbeloved Adult Dog Chicken and Rice Dog Food

An easy-to-digest, protein-rich adult dog food

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  • 15kg Adult chicken and rice dog food
  • 22% protein and 11.6% fat for daily nutrition
  • Free from eggs, dairy and wheat
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An outstanding choice for any adult dog that struggles to process its food, this is easy on the digestion and full of nutrients.

What is James Wellbeloved Adult Dog Chicken and Rice?

James Wellbeloved Adult Dog Chicken and Rice is a grain-free food designed for adult dogs to promote healthy skin and healthy gut flora. It's naturally hypoallergenic as it contains no wheat, dairy, eggs or soya while still offering all the vitamins and minerals adult dogs require. As a dry dog food, it's easy to store, portion and serve. Unlike dog food tins, this food can be portioned out to suit your dog, ensuring large breed dogs get more.

What are the benefits of this James Wellbeloved dog food?

This dog food only contains wholesome natural ingredients and nutritional additives such as dried beet pulp, chicken meal and rice (both brown rice and white rice). Chicken is a particularly good animal protein as it is very easy to digest and has plenty of both protein and fat that your canine friend needs for a balanced diet. Rice is also incredibly beneficial, as it adds natural fibre to your dog's diet, which will improve digestion. If you are looking for hypoallergenic dog food to combat food intolerance in your pet, this is a top choice.

Is this dry dog food right for my dog?

This dog food has been formulated for adult pet dogs, it should not be served to puppies or working dogs as it will not meet their nutritional needs. To ensure your pet isn't being over- or underfed, use the recommended daily serving in our feeding guide (which can be found further down the page).

Food type Dry food


Suitable for working dogs? No
Dog age Adult
Bag Size 15kg

Feeding guide

Dog Bodyweight (kg) High activity Daily Serving (g) Normal activity Daily Serving (g) Low activity Daily Serving (g)
Toy 2-5kg 60-115g 50-105g 45-90g
Small 5-10kg 115-195g 105-175g 90-150g
Medium 10-15kg 195-270g 175-235g 150-200g
Medium 15-25kg 270-395g 235-345g 200-300g
Large 25-40kg 395-560g 345-490g 300-425g
Large 40-55kg 560-710g 490-625g 425-540g
Large 55-70kg 710-850g 625-750g 540-645g
Large 70-90kg 850-1025g 750-900g 645-780g


Ingredients: Chicken meal* (21.5%), brown rice* (20.5%), white rice* (20.4%), naked oats* (16%), whole linseed* (4.5%), chicken fat* (4.2%), sugar beet pulp*, chicken gravy (2.9%), pea starch, alfalfa meal*, seaweed*, pea fibre*, fish oil*, potassium chloride, sodium chloride, chicory extract* (0.1%), calcium carbonate, yucca extract* (0.02%). *Natural ingredients.

Analytical Constituents (%): Protein: 22.0; Fat Content: 11.6; Crude Ash: 6.0; Crude Fibre: 2.5; Omega-3 Fatty Acids: 1.0; Omega-6 Fatty Acids: 2.4; Vitamin E: 150 mg/kg

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