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  • The Best Dog Walks in the UK The Best Dog Walks in the UK - 21st August, 2014

    For most of us, the majority of our dog walks are going to be within a few miles of our homes. Dogs need regular walks to keep active and stay healthy, but due to our busy lives we often don't have enough time to get much further than the local park...

  • Why Should you Neuter your Pet? Why Should you Neuter your Pet? - 14th August, 2014

    Whatever animal you have, at first this might seem a little bit of a mean thing to do, but the more you look into it, the more obvious the need to neuter your cat, dog or other small animal becomes. Neutering means different procedures for ...

  • Dental Care for your Pets Dental Care for your Pets - 4th August, 2014

    Like us, your cat or dog only gets one set of adult teeth, and they need looking after as much as possible to allow them to chomp down on their favourite treats and tasty kibble for the rest of their lives. Without a little care and attenti...

  • Mrs L, Bucks
    8th February 2013
    Just to say thank you for excellent service!! Dog food ordered yesterday afternoon and here this ...

  • Mrs C-H, Dorset
    6th February 2013
    To all at Swell Pets, I would just like to say how extremely pleased I am with your service when ...

  • Miss P, Northants
    24th January 2013
    I just wanted to say that we received our dog food today and yet again we have received fantasic ...

  • Mr M, Cambs
    23rd January 2013
    I would just like to say thank you, excellent service, especially in this weather, ordered on Sun...


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