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  • The Most Intelligent Dog Breeds The Most Intelligent Dog Breeds - 24th September, 2014

    There are thousands of examples that display the intelligence of man's best friend, from clever sniffer dogs to hard working and loyal guide dogs, but did you know that there are detailed books written on the subject? Psychology Professor S...

  • A Guide to Dog Grooming A Guide to Dog Grooming - 17th September, 2014

    Dog grooming isn't just for pampered pooches - for most dog breeds, it is an essential part of their care regime and must be conducted regularly to keep their skin, coat and general well-being at its' best. Here are a few things to remember...

  • Man's Best Friend Man's Best Friend - 11th September, 2014

    We love our dogs, and often we certainly get the impression that they love us too, whether it be their excitement at our return home, or the petting they request from those they seem to favour the most. But are they really our best friend in the ani...

  • Mrs L, Bucks
    8th February 2013
    Just to say thank you for excellent service!! Dog food ordered yesterday afternoon and here this ...

  • Mrs C-H, Dorset
    6th February 2013
    To all at Swell Pets, I would just like to say how extremely pleased I am with your service when ...

  • Miss P, Northants
    24th January 2013
    I just wanted to say that we received our dog food today and yet again we have received fantasic ...

  • Mr M, Cambs
    23rd January 2013
    I would just like to say thank you, excellent service, especially in this weather, ordered on Sun...


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