Aqueos Spray On Plaster

Keep minor injuries safe from germs and bacteria

At a glance...
  • Protects your dog's cuts from germs and bacteria
  • Easy to apply and lasts for several days
  • Aids with natural healing
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What is Aqueos Spray On Plaster?

Aqueos Spray On Plaster is a crucial part of a first aid kit for a dog. This spray on plaster protects cuts from dirt and germs, allowing your dog to heal naturally, with the risk of infection greatly reduced. This spray on plaster gives the protection of a bandage whilst being elastic enough for them to move freely, whilst also staying in place.

Key Features:

  • Assists with natural healing
  • Protects cuts and grazes from dirt and germs
  • Elastic and permeable to air
  • Safe when licked by your dog
  • Reduces risk of infection
  • Stays in place during healing
  • Lasts for several days
  • Suitable for minor cuts and scrapes
  • Applies easily, even to awkward places

What are the benefits of using a spray on plaster?

Dogs are very active and may experience cuts and grazes when playing, especially outside, and often a spray on plaster is the best choice of first aid options for dogs. Your dog may chew through bandages, and lick their wounds, or continue to play as they would as if they have not received a minor injury, making the wound susceptible to bacteria and infection. Using a spray on plaster is a fantastic choice, as they have been specially designed to apply easily, even to awkward areas, and are safe when licked by dogs, whilst still encouraging natural healing. The Aqueos Spray On Plaster lasts for several days, perfect for minor cuts and scrapes, and stays in place during the healing process. This spray on plaster will very quickly become an absolute necessity in your first aid kit, as you know you are keeping your dog safe and healthy, without worrying about infections or further health issues due to a small cut

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