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Help and advice on shopping for: Arden Grange adult dog food

Give your canine companion a high-protein diet

Made with tasty, nourishing recipes, Arden Grange Adult Dog Food is complete and balanced. Find gentle, highly digestible ingredients that contain single-source protein in our adult food range.

What is Arden Grange Adult dog food?

Arden Grange dry food consists of medium-sized kibble that is ideal for normally active dogs. It’s made up of a highly digestible meat recipe and includes prebiotics, joint supplements, krill and yucca extract. Suitable for adult dogs over the age of twelve months, this adult dog food contains a measured amount of protein - just the right amount to promote the healthy growth and maintenance of your pet's muscle mass, keeping them strong and lean.

Why should I buy Adult dog food for my pet?

Arden Grange's food, as always, is made from the finest ingredients and is naturally hypoallergenic. Adult dog food contains a variety of vitamins and minerals that will keep your dog healthy and in top condition. When it comes to carbohydrates, adult food contains rice, which provides slow-release energy in a digestible form for stomachs. Grain-free feed is also available in the adult range for dogs with sensitive skin or digestion. As with all our Arden Grange range, we sell mix and match bulk bags which are extremely cost-effective.

What are the main types of Adult dog food I can buy?

Ingredients and content will vary from food to food in the Adult dog food range, as they are customised to ensure, for example, that large breeds get more glucosamine for optimal bones and joints. There are a variety of flavours and recipes available that are suitable for nourishing and conditioning diets as well as recipes with high meat content.

Can I buy an Arden Grange chicken meat meal with fresh chicken?

Yes, Arden Grange offers a chicken meat meal packed full of fresh chicken, rice and refined chicken oil. It is particularly good for encouraging healthy skin and muscle growth. This is a digestible chicken recipe ideal for any pet parents who are planning a complete balanced canine diet for their pet. There is also a wide range of other flavours for adult dogs available, including beef, pork and fish.

Which type of Arden Grange food is suitable for normally active adult dogs?

All of the Arden Grange range, apart from those for puppies, seniors and large breeds are suitable for normally active adult dogs. Any of the wet or dry dog food will be suitable for most adult dogs as they all include the nutritional additives every dog requires. Small breed dogs may need less food than medium breeds so we recommend considering smaller portion sizes.

Which type of Arden Grange food is suitable for giant breed dogs?

Arden Grange has formulated a special food for giant breed dogs as they have different nutritional requirements. They have found that giant breeds need a higher fat content and protein mix than small pets and more nutritional supplements to promote joint and muscle health. This food still contains all of the high-quality ingredients in the rest of the Arden Grange range, like beet pulp, dried egg and yucca extract.

What features should I look for?

Because every dog is different, no one dog food works for all dogs. In general, feeding on the Adult range is a safe bet because we carry a wide variety of proteins and diet types. Choose an adult dog food that is specifically balanced to meet the caloric and nutritional needs required for health, happiness, and wellness.