Arcadia D3 Reptile T5 7% UVB ShadeDweller

Reptile UV T5 bulbs that produce a larger flood of UV

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  • Full-spectrum UVB tube light
  • Help with the synthesis of vitamin D3
  • Provides 7% UVB along with a lower 17% UVA
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What is the Arcadia D3 Reptile T5 UVB ShadeDweller?

This Arcadia D3 Reptile T5 UVB ShadeDweller is a 7% T5 bulb that produces UV-rich light that delivers essential UV energy beneath to drive the biological processes within your reptiles and other exotic pets. The Arcadia Shadedweller provides 7% UVB along with a lower 17% UVA, which has been designed specifically as a modern reptile-keeping tool with crepuscular species in mind. The bulb has been specifically designed to be used with the ProT5 and MiniT5 Arcadia Shadedweller dedicated lighting systems which feature a specially curved reflector to get as much light as possible.

Which animals is this light suitable for?

This bulb has been designed to cater for the needs of crepuscular species. Crepuscular species tend to hide away during the day and prefer dawn and dusk for activity, so this lower light is more natural for them, whilst still providing a suitable UV-B provision. Crepuscular species include Leopard geckos, Crested geckos and many snake species, such as Corn snakes, King snakes and Milk snakes. Many of these species enjoy shallow enclosures with more natural lighting, giving them plenty of rest between active periods.

What type of bulb is this?

This bulb is a T5 bulb that has been designed for the ProT5 ShadeDweller professional lighting kit and the MiniT5 ShadeDweller fitting kit. While the bulb has been purpose-built, it is still suitable for any T5 8W Controller or the Arcadia 8W UV MiniKit. To get the most from your bulb you will need a kit with a removable curved reflector.



Wattage 8W
Length 12" / 300mm
Diameter T5 Ø16mm
Lumens 400lm
Kelvin 6000K
kWh/1000h 9
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